Bread & Raven


As birds and Beasts whose bodies are much used to the change of the free and open air, forsee stormes, so those invisible people are more sagacious to understand by the Book of Nature things to come, then wee, who are pester’d with grosser dregs of all elementary mixtures and have our purer spirits choaked by them. The deer scents out a man and powder (tho a late invention) at a great distance; a hungry hunter, bread; and the raven, a carrion: their brains being long clarified by the high and subtil air, will observe a vierie small change in a trice. Thus a man of second sight perceiving the operations of forecasting invisible people among us (indulg’d thorow a stupendous providence to give warnings of some remarkable events, either in the Air, Earth or Waters)


Robert Kirk, The Secret Commonwealth or a treatise displaying the chief curiosities of Scotland as they are used to this day.